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Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) 1973:

The Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) is crucial for the administration of justice. It guides the process from filing complaints to the final verdict and ensures fairness and transparency in legal proceedings. Explore the chapters below to learn more about the procedural law that governs criminal justice in India.

Chapter 1: Preamble and Preliminary

Chapter 2: Constitution of Criminal Courts and Offices

Chapter 3: Power of Courts

Chapter 4: Power of Superior Officers of Police & Aid to Magistrates and Police

Chapter 5: Arrest of Persons

Chapter 6: Processes to Compel Appearance

Chapter 7: Processes to Compel the Production of Things

Chapter 7A: Reciprocal Arrangements for Assistance in Certain Matters and Procedure for Attachment and Forfeiture of Property

Chapter 8: Security for Keeping the Peace and for Good Behaviour

Chapter 9: Order for Maintenance of Wives, Children and Parents

Chapter 10: Maintenance of Public Order and Tranquillity

Chapter 11: Preventive Action of the Police

Chapter 12: Information to the Police and their Powers to Investigate

Chapter 13: Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts in Inquiries and Trials

Chapter 14: Conditions Requisite for Initiation of Proceedings

Chapter 15: Complaints to Magistrates

Chapter 16: Commencement of Proceedings before Magistrates

Chapter 17: The Charge

Chapter 18: Trial before a Court of Session

Chapter 19: Trial of Warrant-Cases by Magistrates

Chapter 20: Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates

Chapter 21: Summary Trials

Chapter 21A: Plea Bargaining

Chapter 22: Attendance of Persons Confined or Detained in Prisons

Chapter 23: Evidence in Inquiries and Trials

Chapter 24: General Provisions as to Inquiries and Trials

Chapter 25: Provisions as to Accused Persons of Unsound Mind

Chapter 26: Provisions as to Offences affecting the Administration of Justice

Chapter 27: The Judgement

Chapter 28: Submission of Death Sentences for Confirmation

Chapter 29: Appeals

Chapter 30: Reference and Revision

Chapter 31: Transfer of Criminal Cases

Chapter 32: Execution, Suspension, Remission and Commutation of Sentences

Chapter 33: Provisions as to Bail and Bonds

Chapter 34: Disposal of Property

Chapter 35: Irregular Proceedings

Chapter 36: Limitation for Taking Cognizance of Certain Offences

Chapter 37: Miscellaneous

Chapter 38: The First Schedule

Chapter 39: The Second Schedule